Experience of use Myceril

Experience with the application of the Myceril cream from Maya from Lodz

Experience with the application of the Myceril cream from Maya from Lodz

My name is Maya, I am 46 years old. I come from Lodz. The fungus has been bothering for several years. Fearing for the health of my loved ones, I regularly visited the mycologist and bought the drugs he recommended. During my acquaintance with the fungus, I tried different gels, sprays, ointments and even drops for nails. It all started with a change in the skin on the big toe of the right foot, then the mycosis spread to other fingers and then penetrated the nail.

Medication helped stop the fungus from developing on the skin for a while, but no drops could cope with the fungus under the nail, so it invariably came back. The husband is obsessed with natural products and herbal treatments, so insisted on using Myceril. To please him - she agreed. I share my usage experience in the form of an overview of the changes at the end of the usage week.

First day

Photos before and application of the cream, experience with Myceril

After the first application, Myceril felt a pleasant cold like an ice-cold itch. The feeling was great. The irritation stopped bothering me.

The third day

I noticed that the unpleasant smell was gone from my feet. The skin on the feet stopped flaking and became smoother. I forgot the fear of cracking my heels as the wounds began to heal. The Myceril cream effectively softens the skin and also moisturizes it in deep layers, which immediately restores its elasticity.

fifth day

Unexpectedly to myself, I realized that I was still applying Myceril cream to the machine without relying too much on the result. Only 5 days have passed and the fungus has been completely destroyed. The nails began to heal. The skin on the fingers was neat, I had already forgotten when it looked like this. I decided to go through the entire course. The previous mistakes in using antifungal drugs taught me not to stop when the first noticeable improvements began to appear.

After a week of use

The legs are in excellent condition. Now don't be ashamed and don't be afraid to walk barefoot through your apartment or into the garden. I also decided to have a doctor examine me. The analysis confirmed the complete victory over mycosis. I was already sure of the result, but the doctor was surprised. I had to tell him about the Myceril cream itself and its uses.

Now I recommend the drug to all my friends and at home as a family we use it for prevention. Both the affordable price and the manufacturer's concern about preventing counterfeiting on the market and, above all, its efficiency speak in its favor. In a few days he succeeded in what an army of medicines could not offer.