Instructions for use Myceril

Instructions for using cream Myceril

The Myceril cream is approved in Spain for the treatment of fungal infections in adults or children. It is not absorbed into the bloodstream and therefore has no systemic effect on the body.

Indications for the use of the cream

Instructions for use for cream from mycosis Myceril
Used to treat mycosis For the prevention of mycosis
Infection with one or more types of skin or nail fungus Visiting the pool, sauna and other public places
Itching and skin irritation Wearing someone else's shoes
Crack Excessive sweating of the feet
Excessive dryness and flaking of the skin Performing a trim manicure
Get a wound in the area of the nail plate

Features of using the cream

The instruction states that the Myceril cream will treat all types of mycosis, regardless of the location of the lesion, the severity and duration of the course of the disease. The product is suitable for therapy against the background of concomitant diseases, age-related changes and childhood.

Before using the cream, it is necessary to carry out hygiene procedures with soap and warm water to remove dirt, and then remove the remaining water with a soft towel.

When indicated for use, Myceril is applied in a thin layer to the clean skin of the feet, fingers and nail plate with light massaging movements until completely absorbed. It is recommended to make skin contact with air for a few minutes after treatment.

The procedure is performed twice a day. The duration of the course depends on the severity of the violations. For high quality treatment, it is recommended to use the remedy Myceril for one month.


The list of unconditional contraindications includes only an individual intolerance. The product should be used with caution in areas of tissue necrosis and in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus. Before using the product for the first time, a sensitivity test should be carried out to rule out an allergic reaction.

It should be noted that during pregnancy in the female body there may be an increase in susceptibility to the substances included in the composition. To prevent side effects from developing, you must first pass a sensitivity test and make sure there is no allergy.