Reviews Myceril

  • Irma
    The Myceril cream was used by the whole family (including husband and son). After the application, the itching disappeared immediately. Three applications were enough to eliminate the problem. No side effects were found. They continued to smear the cream for 3 more days so as not to doubt the result and not to be afraid of the return of the fungus.
  • Desi
    I have struggled with fungus on my feet for several years. I tried different drugs, both folk and expensive drugs, but he came back regularly. I have used this Myceril cream 7 times and was even surprised that it coped so easily.
  • Citra
    I liked treating the fungus with Myceril. No discomfort or strong odor. The cream is easy to apply and is quickly absorbed. The result can be felt in a few minutes. He managed to beat mycosis even under the nail in just 1 application!
  • Siska
    I had to face the fungus after visiting the pool. I didn't want to ruin my health with chemicals, so I decided to try the organic product Myceril. He coped with the fungus and took care of the skin on the feet, which made them soft and smooth. I recommend.
  • Putri
    I use the Myceril cream to prevent mycosis infection when visiting public places with high humidity. No complaints. And the spouse likes it for the ability to deodorize the feet for a long time from the first application, not masking an unpleasant smell, but regulating the work of the sweat glands.
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